The second Multiplier Event took place in Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences on Monday, December 5, 2022

3rd Mar 2023
Zagreb - second multiplier event

The second Multiplier Event took place in Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences on Monday, December 5, 2022. The multiplier event was held with the aim to share the intellectual results of a project with a larger audience. The event has been targeted to key stakeholders such as Local Authorities and Local Public Transport Providers, Public Authorities, Agencies, Research Institutions and of course, students.

The Multiplier event was led by the project team of Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences and the following results were presented: Innovative profile of the Expert on Local Public Transport, E-learning platform which is accessible in five languages: Croatian, English, Slovenian, Italian, and Spanish, the Work Based Experience and the pilot project that was held in Italy, Croatia, and Spain. As part of pilot project held in Croatia, student that participated in pilot project presented his experience and his developed innovative results of research. Also, the innovative tool for assessment, validation and recognition of skills and just a draft of innovative tool aimed to monitor skills mismatch, as that is something that consortium still works on.

After the presentation of all project results, a short discussion was held where all the participants could ask questions and could give their opinion on developed innovative profile. Participants had very positive feedback on developed profile of Expert on Local Public Transport and showed interest for the developed E-learning Platform. Participants were professors and students from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, the president of Alumni association, representative of Internship and Career Services Office also from Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences. From the city of Zagreb, the following representatives – Public Transport Service provider, Sector for programs and projects of the European Union, Transport Sector of the City of Zagreb, Sustainable Community Development Organization – ODRAZ and Institute for Labor Market Development. From the City of Rijeka, Advisor for the transport system and from the City of Šibenik, Head of the public city transport sector.

If you wish to see the E-learning platform, visit the website here.


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