ELPT was born in Ancona

14th Dec 2020
ELPT was born in Ancona

ELPT was born in Ancona, a complex and ambitious international project for the training of new managers for LPT companies. ELPT, promoted by ConerobusService, has received the consent of the academic, institutional and entrepreneurial world of Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia and Cyprus. The bases of the project, the winner of a European tender were at the center of the first Meeting on Monday 14 December in which the partners involved participated. "ConerobusService - explains President Papaveri - is increasingly a point of reference for training in the national field and beyond. With ELPT we aim to develop training solutions for the managers of tomorrow. The planning of the study path includes a series of skills transversal: from digitization to eco-sustainability, with a view to integrated and intermodal mobility.


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