Expected results of the project

  1. a Report on Skills and Competence Framework for LPT expert with best practices at national and EU level, which will offer a state of the art description of skills demand in LPT environments at country level (IT, ES, CRO, SLO) and guidelines for fullfillment
  2. definition of a new vocational profile for LPT Expert, based on the scenarios examined in the skills report and guidelines for a corresponding training offer
  3. definition of a training programme (blended eLearning + work-based) for ELP expert, with a strong work-based approach and innovative user-centric educational methodologies.
  4. developing a monitoring tool for skills mismatch and emerging labour market needs in the Local Public Transport System in order to update skills gaps, vocational profile and training offer on a continuous base and develop furthr vocational profile as necessary
  5. establishing a business-research international network for the exchange of good practices, sharing of knowledge and information, generation of ideas in the field of LPTSs and in particular training needs and opportunities. In the long term, project activities including those for dissemination, exploitation and replication, can contribute to the following:
  • transfer the results of the projects to other national contexts (similar at first and new after appropriated applied researches) at EU level and higher the quality of the training offer in the sector of LPTSs;
  • reduce unemployment, especially among people with an higher education diploma and/or a degree in economic, technical and engineering subjects in partner territories;
  • support innovation, cooperation, peer-learning and the sharing of experience;
  • promote the work-integrated learning; d.Promote new skills required by the labour market;
  • strength cooperation and networking between organisations and citizens, in particular research, businesses and VET training providers and the larger community of users of LPTSs.


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