Expert in Local Public Transport

Resources development for a transectoral and transanational innovative expertise


The Project

ELP Transport is a Strategic Partnership aimed at developing innovative outputs in the field of Vocational Training for Local Public Transport System (LPTS), developed transnationally and on the basis of a coordinated action among research, LTPSs businesses, VET providers and local communities.


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The partnership is based on a strong multilateral approach focusing on the integration of:

The Local Public Transport Service Providers (business) and local authorities (local communities), research and training provider communities;

Technic, technological and economic professional expertises in the Locall Public Transport Sector, with a focus on technological and social innovation.

ELP Transport

The planning of the activities

The Intellectual Outputs of the Project.

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ELP Transport

7 partners form Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia and Cyprus

The partners of the Project.

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ELPT was born in Ancona

ELPT was born in Ancona

ELPT was born in Ancona, a complex and ambitious international project for the training of new…

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