The Consorci de la Ribera is a public body created by an association of two counties placed in the Region of Valencia (County Ribera Alta and County of Ribera Baixa) which is made up of 47 municipalities. 


The aim of Consorci de la Ribera is to manage collaboration agreements with both counties in the field of environment, tourism and cultural heritage, energy and socio-economic development,

The Consorci de la Ribera is organised in four departments (Environmental Education, Training and Employment, Tourism and Energy): 

Environmental Education Department(EED)

The main activities related to ELPTransport project are:

  • Sustainable mobility: the EED works to implement a more sustainable transport model in la Ribera County. A transport study was carried out in 2016. Also, it has developed Safe Route to Schools projects in several municipalities. The EED organizes activities within the European Mobility Week. 
  • Training Courses:The EED is working in the training field. So, training courses on Environmental issues such as sustainable mobility, Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency and energy saving have been carried out. 

Training and employment Department

The aim of this department is to reach a permanent economic development in La Ribera capable of generating a constant growth from the creation and business consolidation and from the regularization of the labour market, favouring the insertion of all the people willing to gain access to a job in conditions of equality. 



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