Conerobus Service s.r.l. is a company founded in 2014 in Ancona and operates mainly in the fields of mobility and training services.


It has worked on the development of mobility and of safety plans, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche (UPM), focusing on vehicle and pedestrian flows analysis, optimization of the viability in different realities and recommendation to the administration with regard to criticalities of the territory.

Recently, thanks to a partnership with the 'National Association of Transport of Rome - ASSTRA' and the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of the Marche Region UPM, it established the brand Mobility Academy (See Annex 5 Mobility Academy), owned by Conerobus Service. Through the Academy, the partners combine experience and knowledge and offer a highly qualified training offer at pace with innovation taking place in the world of mobility and currently lacking in the market.

Another sector of activity of the company is local public transport services for schools, covering a wide area of the regional territory across various municipalities, with more than 1800 students involved daily.

The company is also active in the area of customised transfer services and tourist services, including the management of an info point and bus rental services.

Conerobus Service is 100% owned and controlled by Conerobus S.p.a. and will participate with Conerobus S.p.a. as Affiliated entity.

Conerobus Service is active in the field of training services, specifically for the transport sector.

The most relevant activity is the newly established Mobility Academy. The Academy's mission is to fill in the gap in the training offer in the transport sector, which is not allineated with the great innovations taking place in the sector. The new training offer at the Academy is characterized by:

  1. a lean approach to training, in order to have continuous inputs from an ever evolving environment;
  2. a flexible, decentralised teaching and delivery approach, with a strong emphasis on learning on the job, blended methodologies;
  3. a diverse target, ranging from newly graduates to people already employed, and at diverse levels, from vocational to managerial. A first course for Managers and Executives of the Transport Sector has been recently activated, MAME Mobility Academy Master Executive.


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Beyond the Academy, among the most recent experiences, Conerobus Service has designed and led the training project "Updating Conerobus skills", set up for the delivery of training courses aimed at Conerobus employees, in order to improve and update specific skills:

  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Working by Objectives
  • Team Work
  • Communication and soft skills
  • Manage and organize resources
  • Procurement

Its affiliated entity Conerobus S.p.A. took part in the European transnational project INTERMODAL co-financed by the EU Programme Adriatic IPA 2013 - 2015. The project aimed at creating a network among the leading companies in the transport sector overlooking the Adriatic area in order to promote the study and testing of intermodal transport solutions as an element of sustainable urban development and promotion of the Adriatic area in the field of tourism.

This would be the first EU project for Conerobus Service, but it will rely on the expertises developed within the organisation of Conerobus S.p.a.

The staff who will be directly involved in the project will offer their skills gained over the years in the fields of training, mobility and project management, areas in which the company has always played a predominant role, both at regional and national level.

  • Papaveri Muzio, president of Conerobus S.p.A. also recognized at regional level as a trainer and training designer according to the accreditation body of the training structures of the Marche Region (DAFORM). He obtained the certification as Mobility Manager in 2018, expert in Project Management and Business Strategy.
  • Pennacchietti Roberto, Technical Director of Conerobus Service s.r.l. for over 25 years works in the local public transport sector also as a business manager. Active in the field of the environment, he has carried out various activities to encourage and facilitate the use of public transport. He has often played a fundamental role in the training of employee.
  • Leonella Ciarrocca: Graduated in Economy, from 2016 to date is the executive secretary in Conerobus Spa the leading local public transport company in the Marche Region, with the functions of Secretary of the Board of Directors. Since 2003 worked as administrative manager at Agenzia per il Risparmio Energetico – SAVE Agency, the local energy agency borned by the program SAVE II of EU in the 2001 for support the introduction of good energy-management practices and promote the concept of sustainability. She is involved in various EU project for which she supports the financial management for the administrative issues.

Moreover, the company, being a subsidiary of Conerobus S.p.A. on the basis of the contract stipulated, can avail itself of the services offered by the latter's sectors, including:

  • Office for Employee Training
  • Research and Development Office
  • Technical Office
  • Communications Office.


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