29/03/2022 Conerobus Service, the made in Ancona project is underway: public transport manager facing the challenge of innovation and sustainability.

13th May 2022

Tomorrow's managers capable of responding to fundamental challenges for our future: from the management of public resources for the ecological transition of the fleet to reach a sustainability that looks to the environment but also to the company's coffers (where the fuel item is the second in the budget), to innovation to arrive at an increasingly efficient service, tailored to the needs of the public and the territory. It reaches the experimental phase of ELPT (Export in Local Public Transport), the European project starring Conerobus Service, presented yesterday afternoon in the "Boxe" room of the Mole Vanvitelliana in the presence of the President of the Conerobus Muzio Papaveri, the professor of the Marche Polytechnic Silvio Cardinals and Dr. Elena Gentilini.

 “We are facing an epochal change in public transport - said President Papaveri - pandemic and war have determined, and will continue to do so, a series of conditions not only in the country system but also in Europe. Our sector had to react with the utmost promptness to the reshaping of services in the face of an inevitable compression of demand. In the Marche we are facing the challenges of electronic ticketing, there are electric and hydrogen vehicles on the way: we need to know how to manage continuous change, the scenarios have changed and we must be up to it ".


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