3rd Mar 2023

After two years and a few months of intense work, the ELPT project enters its final phase. In the quest to improve the professional profile of local transport experts, a complete-learning programme has been created and can be accessed via this website: elptransport-elearning.eu/

In our interest to keep the created content up to date, the IO4 work package is launched with the aim to create a manual able to monitor over time the adequacy of qualifications and new work market needs of ELPTs. It is a Toolbox to detect gaps in the sector and to keep vocational education and training adapted to the new scenarios.

Skills mismatch is a complex, multidimensional and dynamic phenomenon. The methodology of the Toolbox is based on the review of statistics and periodic surveys of employers, workers and experts in the sector, who live daily with the evolution and changes in the public transport sector.

The methodology used in the design of this "Toolbox" will be programmed and continuous, taking into account changes in socio-economic, technological, environmental and political factors, as well as the definition of future scenarios based on the current situation and the most foreseeable changes.

Mobility and local transport support management requires an actual approach that responds to the needs of users, employers, workers and experts, providing solutions to urban mobility and public transport management problems. Detecting the mismatch of competences and the emerging needs in the work market is key to update the professional profile and the continuous adaptation of the training programme, having to work rigorously on the information collection methods proposed in the Toolbox, as well as its after analysis, with a multilateral and integrative approach.


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