4th Apr 2023

After year and a half of implementing a project, the time has come for implementing a Pilot part of the project. The consortium has been working hard to prepare all the materials needed for that phase of the project. The pilot has been implemented in three countries – Croatia, Italy, and Spain.

The objective of implementing a Pilot was to increase familiarization with the reference sector and with the problems and criticalities that local public transport companies are called to face. Each country had to include 1-5 students, unemployed people or employed in the public transport sector that need reskilling or upskilling. The pilot was divided into two parts. First the students had to pass the e-learning platform and then it was time for work-based experience. Work-based experience was also divided into two parts – preparatory phase and work-based experience.

Local public transport company was assigned to each student and the student had to carry out certain research, all with the aim of identifying shortcomings or potential improvements and proposing their own innovative solutions. After defining the innovative solutions, students had to present it to the company representative and the outcome is the work-based experience report where students had to describe in detail the whole process.

In Croatia, one student was participating in the pilot, the whole process took approximately three months and student got two certificates. The total number of approximate hours of the work-based experience amounts to 75 hours for each part. 75 hours corresponds to three ECVET points. The student was very satisfied with the whole experience since he gained new knowledge and experience. The student presented his work to experts in sector of public transport on multiplier event that was held in Zagreb on December 5th, 2022. We are sharing some of his comments: “What I liked about the platform is the flexibility ELTP offers: studying at anytime from anywhere, is very useful for any student or working professional and puts this platform in line with other powerful educational tools. The course carefully leads the user through all segments: the basics, the innovations, and other relevant topics. Would recommend to anyone!” Also, what is very important to emphasize is that the company was extremely satisfied with the student, his method of research and proposed solutions. They also mentioned that they would like to repeat that experience.

This all leads to conclusion that the consortium did very good job in preparing everything for the pilot part of the project and that the students and companies were very satisfied!


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